Mañejö's Favorite Cat Facts

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her eyes are always green,
but if she's feeling lively then they turn dark green.
if she's sleepy then they are light green.
she blinks them slowly when you pet her the way she likes.
she's good at watching you eat
and also watching you go to the bathroom and take a bath.

they are soft.
if you make her mad then they go back.
she likes to have them scratched.
she likes when you whisper softly to her.
she can hear whistles from all the house.
her eyes usually look angry,
but that's just an act.
she's the most lovable kitty in the world.

her paws are tiny and perfect.
they are the best biscuit makers in town!
they give good massages,
usually though only in places that hurt (like bellies).
she can jump more than 6 feet straight in the air.
she drifts around corners when running at full speed.
her mommy calls them her "poopy paws"

her tail is her most telling feature.
if it's up then she's happy.
if it's down then she's mad.
if it's wide then she's scared.
if it's spasming then she wants tuna.
if she's moving it back and forth quickly then she's annoyed.
she uses it to jump high
and also wraps it around her when she sleeps to keep her belly warm.
when she's playing
she likes it when you grab the tip,
that will make her go crazy!

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