video games i play – Minecraft

so i like to play video games, there aren’t a whole lot of games i play, but the ones i do play i play fairly frequently. My friend Mike runs a server that we (Alberto, Mike and I) play on. It’s pretty awesome. So Minecraft is a pretty sweet game which takes a procedurally generated world (everytime you load a new game it’s an entirely new world, and no two games are the same) puts you in it, and has you survive. First thing you do is cut down a tree (using your fists of course) using the wood from the tree you can create tools which you use to create structures and hunt and harvest food. it’s really pretty sweet. While there is a “plot” and end to the game i honestly haven’t even attempted to follow it, we just mine our mines and build our little bases, building up defenses so the monsters that come out at night can’t get to us, it’s a super fun, addicting game.

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