Its’a me, hen

henrie checking iphone
checking my phone

so.. like. adding pictures is super easy with the wordpress app on the iphone. like. amazingly easy. i love it. the pictures get resized and look great on mobile and desktop views. the problem is content. i know pictures are content, but machines have a hard time knowing what images contain, until you add other content, explaining.. that? i guess. i have never really cared deeply about my search ranking, but i have always enjoyed one of the top three search results for henrie, that is, until a few years ago when i let this domain name lapse, and someone else snagged it. so i am now almost non-existent in google results, besides a few  very specific queries (such as ” henrie colleen ” )

so i bring that up to say. basically. i should write more things on here, so that maybe the machines will figure out what this blog is about. or. atleast. how to properly index it. maybe.?,

oh. so the second big problem with adding the content. the wordpress iphone app makes images look great if you just leave the images alone, but if you go onto your desktop browser and edit the images, such as adding captions, tags, or descriptions the image resizes itself, and generally looks fine on a desktop, but via mobile looks super out-of-ratio. so generally i have to delete the image out of the post, and then re-add the photo in the desktop browser, and then everything works fine. it’s a weird. and silly. bug.

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