Felix is maybe a little upset


he really isn’t as mad as he looks. promise. we had an amazing weekend. we really did. it was just fantastic. he had a really busy week, lots of visits to family, mom and dad working opposite schedules, he was a little confused i think. saturday we just had an awesome stay at home and nap all day day. colleen and i cleaned out the office, it was a huge project. we cleaned out and organized the closet, got the tools better organized. dusted EVERYTHING, got rid of extra electronics (a printer, colleens old lappy top, shredder, and a bunch of other stuff) and brought them to goodwill to be recycled. Felix pretty much napped the entire day, when he would wake up, colleen would nurse him, he would spend like 15 or 20 minutes awake, and then just fall asleep again. he was exhausted. also, pretty sure he loves the beatles, i think he listened to the entire disco.