Felix’s first snow


Felix had a pretty awesome day yesterday, we got to sleep in till 8:30, which was pretty awesome. Got up, cleaned the house up, caught a pesky mouse, I had Manejo watch some Tom and Jerry so she could learn what a nuisance these mice are! The visit with Lindsay was pretty sweet, he got to take a nap in Stella’s crib, and watch her run around the house.
We had him asleep by 9:30, thinking we were gonna get a good nights sleep, totally wrong about that, he was bright eyes and bushy tailed at 2am, and didn’t sleep till around 4:30, Felix and I got to pace around the house for a couple and a half episodes of Star Trek voyager (7 of 9 sure is paranoid!) but after that he slept good, didn’t even wake up when we or him ready for grandma.


Perfect day to stay indoors


Dear Internet,
I wish the WordPress app worked more seamlessly, I’ve been having an issue where I upload the images with the app, out then in the post, everything looks great, but then when I edit them with my desktop (add tags ad captions and what not) and the images become really skewed on mobile browsers, so I have to delete them and then re-insert them, first world problems